We are now taking orders for Nationwide delivery on Friday 18th June & Local Delivery on Wednesday 11th June. Don’t forget to check out our cookie storage tips & tricks on how to keep your cookie sandwiches at their best.

About Us

The idea of My Cookie Sandwich came about not too long ago when the team of Local South Dublin restaurant Bistro One decided it needed to adapt itself and stretch a little further during these trying times. 

“We are open for collection 3 days a week, sometimes 4 days & we have truly awesome support from the area, but like everyone else it’s been difficult. We had all this free time, the kitchen wasn’t being used for half the week. It seemed silly not to do something. So I started to think of separating the business and creating something different to come from it.”

Already baking sweet treats for his Weightlifting club on weekends, head Chef Rory Shannon settled on The Cookie Sandwich.

 “It’s such an iconic thing. There’s the Oreo, Custard Creams, Bourbons, Viennese Whirls & Nutter Butters. The list goes on.”

So after stuffing some weightlifters & everyone at the restaurant, it was time to knuckle down to perfect recipes.

“We wanted to showcase Irish produce and it’s versatility. James Kelly from Ballymore organics has been supplying the restaurant for the best part of 2yrs now and I wanted to use his flour. 

It’s not conventional for a cookie to contain single varietal whole grains, there are flavours there that might disrupt what you are looking for in a Cookie, but we didn’t want them to be run of the mill (excuse the pun!). 

The whole grains give dark nutty notes to chocolate & hazelnut. They pair wonderfully with Ballymore Organics oats in our Oatmeal & Raisin which is sweet & offset by a savouriness in the wheat. It’s all a bit grown up really, sandwiched into something playful & fun. Enjoy with the family, alone with your morning coffee or demolish a whole entire box on front of the box.”

Whatever way you want to eat them, we hope you think they are delicious.