We are now taking orders for Nationwide delivery on Friday 18th June & Local Delivery on Wednesday 11th June. Don’t forget to check out our cookie storage tips & tricks on how to keep your cookie sandwiches at their best.

Cookie Storage Tips & Tricks



We understand that our product spends some time in transit with our courier. We pack My Cookie Sandwiches with the upmost of care, in fact it’s the most laborious part of our job, sorting and placing all our biscuits. The same driver from DPD collects from us each week. He too is ultra careful. He knows how important our Cookies are. Because ya know, we warned him.

 So let’s talk a little bit about keeping them this way. As in, perfect. When you get your box, if the initial plan is not to eat them immediately in one massive binge (no judgement here, only love) there’s a few options.

 My Cookie Sandwiches are filled with Swiss meringue buttercream. This is a stable buttercream which tends to set but stay fluffy when the biscuits are filled. This is intentional. No one wants leaky Cookie Sandwiches. They have a two day shelf life on the countertop in their cardboard box, provided it’s closed overnight. If like us, your kitchen is always in use, retreat the box to a dry cooler cupboard & they will be happy there.

 Now, if you’ve bought a box of 12 or more, the fridge might be an option for you also. A snap click Tupperware container or just some extra beeswax paper or parchment would be fine. Whatever is easiest. You have a seven day window in here (My Loaded Chocolate doesn’t seem to be affected even after 10 days).

The cookies do change when cold. They become fudgey and gooey. In fact My Loaded Chocolate straight from the fridge and sliced is almost like a hybrid brownie. Like some weird confectioner’s Transformer. It’s gorge. My Salted caramel & Toffee Walnut will get chewier also.

 Lastly, and we cannot recommend this enough. Order sandwiches from us, then add a couple of extra onto the order. While you are waiting for your delivery, buy a tub of ice cream. Go with Vanilla (see where we are going with this?).

 Receive Your My Cookie Sandwich package, gleefully open it, enjoy a sandwich with a hot drink on the couch and then marvel at the fact that you ordered a few extra to chop up and fold through ice cream for another time. Because that’s how smart you are. That’s  how well your day has gone. Clever.

LOCAL DELIVERY: These cookies Sandwiches are baked and dropped within the hour. They may still be warm! We advise to let the cookies sit a bit to ‘set’. We also completely understand if you disregard this!


Literally indestructible in or out of fridge. For weeks. Keep them on the counter in Tupperware if you want them soft. Pop them in the fridge for more texture. Also pretty amazing folded through ice cream.