We are now taking orders for Nationwide delivery on Friday 18th June & Local Delivery on Wednesday 11th June. Don’t forget to check out our cookie storage tips & tricks on how to keep your cookie sandwiches at their best.

What’s in the Sandwiches?

Just good ingredients. Period.

A Cookie Sandwich to most of us is possibly out of a packet, gorged on front of the tv or sneaked in secretly out of the cupboard when in need of a hit of biscuit, with that all important layer of frosting sandwiched in the middle. For us though, we wanted it to be more. We wanted it to apprehend. To level us to submit into one single moment of luxurious bliss. Not only did we set out to make something that was uniquely ours, but more importantly uniquely Irish.

It has been important to strike up relationships with some of Ireland’s best producers. A cookie doesn’t contain a vast array of ingredients, it’s eggs, wheat flour, butter & sugar in its rawest form, but right there in those basics are some of the best things Ireland’s land has to offer.


James Kelly from Ballymore Organics in Ballymore, Eustace, County Kildare harvests what is essentially the backbone of our product. Wheat & oats. We know. Wheat has a bad rep & a terrible track record. Not so here.

The flour and oats are single-varietal, single-origin, the wheat is unbleached and without additives or preservatives. The oat grains are not steam cooked during milling which preserves the full flavour and nutritional benefits of the oats.

Both farm and mill are certified by the Irish Organic Association.

Organic Oats  Organic Wheat

We have played around with a ton of variants from James & we use different grain coarseness throughout our cookies to create different texture & flavour profiles. We use whole oat berries as well as rolled oats again to add another dimension. Our oatmeal & Raisin sandwich is a great example of what Ballymore Organics has to offer and in our opinion, not just a personal favourite, but a good marker for letting the ingredient do the talking.


Organic Cocoa Beans  StonevMilled Chocolate
Hazel Mountain Chocolate also play a big role in probably our most popular Sandwich ‘My Loaded Chocolate’.
We use local, sustainable, natural ingredients and source the best cacao beans for our chocolate. We are committed to supporting the ‘little guy’ and fostering direct relationships with cocoa bean farmers and co-operatives from Madagascar, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba. Not only is this the right thing to do but we promise you’ll taste the difference.

We follow minimal processing, use less sugar and our beautifully designed packaging is eco friendly. Our milk comes from free roaming grass fed cows – the kind you’re likely to encounter in a traffic jam on our country roads, all amalgamated with a very smooth Cuban bean.”

Organic Chocolate bar  Chocolate Cookie

This kind of mission statement is what caught our eye in the first instance. Hazel Mountain are bean to bar & small batch, essentially making the chocolate here on the island, hand cracking and winnowing, before stone grinding in mills for 2 days. It’s a laborious process. But one that pays off in spades. 
Their chocolate isn’t messed about & goes directly into our Swiss meringue buttercream which is bitter and not overly sweet. Again another ingredient that does the talking.


Another integral ingredient to the cookie is the egg. Eggs give cookies moisture, lightness, act as a binder and depending on how they are integrated into a recipe can make cookies softer or richer. You can end up with very different styles of biscuits, using egg technique alone.

But that’s not all we use them in. Most importantly they go into our Swiss meringue buttercream centre. A more technical buttercream, that swaps out all the sweetness of classic American icing, for light fluffy pillow like waves of joy. It’s a cream that sets but stays light and for this, the egg hunt was on.




We needed super fresh, rich eggs strong in albumen & we settled on Butler’s Organic Eggs. Our eggs are laid on Wednesdays and dropped into us on Thursdays. Doesn’t get fresher.

Butler’s are a family run business based in Hacketstown, Co Carlow.

“Our eggs are produced in Carlow, where hens roam free on organic land and feed on a strict organic diet. We pride ourselves on excellent animal welfare standards and the quality and taste of our eggs. Our hens are free-ranging on organic pasture, which means we don’t use chemicals or artificial fertilisers when cultivating the land. Organic birds also have much more space both indoors and outdoors than free range birds. We are the most regulated section in the egg industry.”

Happy Hens making happy cookies, the world is a better place already

We promise to strive to use the best possible ingredients in our product always. For you. We will champion locality wherever we can and this page will be regularly updated with new relationships in the future.